Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Cleaning Job

Disinfecting your business is now the priority. Any spill involving human waste is a bio-hazard. This type of contamination cannot be washed away with a bucket ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

When business owners visualize water damage, they often picture a massive storm wiping out power lines, flooding offices, and shutting down businesses for days ... READ MORE

Water Damage to Local School

One thing to consider is whether the leak occurs only in inclement weather. If the leak is constant, regardless of whether it is raining outside or not, then yo... READ MORE

Leaky Roof causes Water Damage to Commercial Building

Don’t wait for a big rain storm to find out that the roofing at your unit needs replacing. Make routine checkups to monitor the condition of the roof at y... READ MORE

Commercial Water/ Fire - Oswego

This business had a fire originating from a small model airplane lithium-ion battery. The local fire department was quick on seen and able to put the fire out, ... READ MORE

Local Commercial Fire

This local area business had a fire that happened early hours of the day caused by old electrical wiring. Luckily the business was closed and no one was hurt. S... READ MORE