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2/2/2022 (Permalink)

heavy snow on a residential home Generally, roofs can withstand 20 pounds of snow per square foot before their structural integrity is compromised

1. Ice Dams and Snow Piles

If your area sees lots of heavy snow, make sure your roof is ready before the weather arrives. Too much snow or ice on your roof can cause it to weaken, leak or even collapse. Generally, roofs can withstand 20 pounds of snow per square foot before their structural integrity is compromised. Packed snow is heavier than fresh snowfall, so the faster you clean off your roof after a heavy snowstorm, the safer it will be. If you suspect your roof needs maintenance or you've noticed ice dams form in the past, have your roof inspected and repaired before winter to ensure it can hold up under heavy snowfall.

2. Indoor Accidents

Snow days often seem like stolen time. With no work or school, you're free to relax, play games and have fun with your kids at home. If you're kids get energetic when they're cooped up inside, you may be looking for any way to keep them entertained. With all that extra time inside, however, you need to be extra careful about everyone's safety. Keep an eye out for toys and snow equipment that get strewn around the house, and keep things tidy to avoid injuries or accidents. The American Red Cross also recommends turning snow days into fire safety days. The rate of home fires spikes in winter, so lighting a fire or using a space heater on a snow day demands caution. Make sure your chimney is clean and any wood you burn is dry, and use space heaters that are equipped with automatic shutoffs.

3. Kitchen Fires

Staying home could also mean extra cooking or baking, whether it's homemade hot chocolate, popcorn, cookies, soup, or a special snow day dish your family loves. Make sure your kitchen is a safe zone, too. Follow all our winter fire safety tips to avoid starting a fire on a snow day. Since heavy snowfall could make it harder to get help during an emergency, you'll be safer taking precautions than taking a risk. Snow days should be more fun than worrisome. 

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